SP//dr Cosplay…An Auspicious Beginning

I have been a bit quiet lately, not for the lack of working, but because I'm working on something I wasn't sure was going to pan out. That's right, Jubilee wants to be SP//dr and Penelope wants to Peni Parker for their next cosplays.  SP//dr is definitely the most complicated cosplay I've ever worked on, … Continue reading SP//dr Cosplay…An Auspicious Beginning

How to bend PVC Pipe for Cosplay

This blog may be somewhat quiet, but that's simply because I'm busy actually building cosplay instead of just talking about it, haha.  I thought I'd write a quick note to talk about the best ways I've found to bend PVC pipe, since it was actually a bit of a pain to find clear instruction.  I'm … Continue reading How to bend PVC Pipe for Cosplay

Spaceman Spiff Cosplay

About a week before Salt Lake Gaming Con, Sam Danger decided he wanted to cosplay after all, as Spaceman Spiff.  Never one to say no to cosplay even with very little time, I threw one together quick and easy using mostly bought articles. Blue base layer, yellow belt and gloves and boots, and I used … Continue reading Spaceman Spiff Cosplay

Eowyn Cosplay debut at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

This won't be a long update.  Just a quick note to say that Jubilee won first place in the Youth Category at Salt Lake Gaming Con.  I've gone over our scores and comments from the judges, and Jubilee's stage performance got very high scores (easy when you're 9 years old, haha).  Actually, we did pretty … Continue reading Eowyn Cosplay debut at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

Eowyn Cosplay – The End Result

I say it's the end result, but in reality, there are a few things left to tweak.  I have some fabric I bought for a cloak, and the sword sheath needs a strap, but other than that, for all intents and purposes, Jubilee's Eowyn Dernhelm Cosplay is finished!  We are both rather pleased with the … Continue reading Eowyn Cosplay – The End Result