Jubilee’s First Cosplay Contest

For my very first post about being a Cosplay Mom, I thought I’d start by talking about my daughter’s first cosplay contest, at Salt Lake Gaming Con on June 8th.

Let me start by saying, the competition was stiff…for the adults.  The youth cosplay contest was pretty sparse, they only had two sign ups when Jubilee decided she wanted to try it out, so they happily let her sign up last minute and didn’t bother with prejudging.

She waited at the convention all day and arrived at the contest waiting area full of adrenaline.  We waited there for about an hour for the judging to begin.  As time passed and her bedtime approached her goofy level increased exponentially.  No other children arrived, so I was pulled aside by the MC and informed that she’d go out on stage to open up the contest, but, obviously, she was the winner by default and they’d email her prize to us.

I joked with Jubilee that the competition was fierce but I bet she had it in the bag.


Her first stage presence as a cosplayer was a bit disappointing to her.  I’m not sure if her dad filled out the paperwork incorrectly, or if they simply read it wrong, but they announced her dad’s name as her name.  She stumbled a bit, tripped, and ran.  Also, her Poke-syringe sort of looks like she’s flipping off the crowd.


After an hour of watching more and more cosplayers cross the stage, she started to feel a little bit better, especially as she realized that a lot of people’s names were butchered.  But then they announced the winners.  They announced the novices, the intermediates, the masters, the best in show, but didn’t bother with the youth category, because, obviously she was the only one.  She was devastated.  Apparently, when I sarcastically talked about her “competition” she thought I was being serious…she thought she was up against all the adults and had lost, and was upset I kept insisting she won, especially since there was no evidence that she won.  As the audience broke, I was attempting to calm her down (a half hour past her bedtime) when the MC noticed her crying, and hopped up on staged to announce her as the youth winner.  She struggled and failed to regain her composure, and walked up to the stage still visibly upset, and increasingly so as she became embarrassed.

Which just goes to show you, all the other parents that signed up their kids for a cosplay contest that reached into bedtime and then didn’t show up, those guys knew what was up.  I, on the other hand, did not.

The good news is, by the time we got home Jubilee was fully recovered emotionally and had already decided on a cosplay for me to make her for September’s Salt Lake Comic Con, fully intending to enter the cosplay contest.  I, on the other hand, am not fully recovered emotionally, and am not ready to be a backstage cosplay mom.

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