My Next Project

Jubilee is obsessed with Animal Crossing: City Folk like it’s 2009.  It’s a Wii game, almost a decade old, in which you play a “human character, who moves into a rural village populated with anthropomorphic animals and lives there indefinitely. Gameplay is open-ended: players have no defined objectives, but are instead encouraged to spend their time in the village performing any number of activities, which include collecting items, planting plants or other items, and socializing with the village’s residents.”

I liken it to the time you spend in a village in any classic RPG, except you can never escape and move on to the world map or a dungeon or anything, you’re just stuck chatting with people and collecting bugs or whatever.  Boooooooooooring.  But, hey, my 8 year old loves it.

She has decided on her cosplay for September’s Salt Lake Comic Con, as well as her 3-year old sister’s: they are going to be Mabel and Sable Able from Animal Crossing.


I can’t remember which one is which, all I know is Jubilee wants to be the blue one and Penelope will be the brown (or is it like maroon-y?) one.  Considering SLCC is just over two months away, and life is chaos right now, I’m going pretty simple here, no-sew aprons, face paint, etc., but it’ll be cute, I’m sure.  I’m also going to need to update my son Sam’s Invader Zim cosplay as well, he’s been wearing the same one for what will soon be three years, but he doesn’t want to be anyone else.

Last Spring for FanX17, Sam and Jubilee and Penelope were Zim, Gaz, and Princess Gir

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for Zim or for Mabel and Sable, let me know.  I’m willing to take anything under consideration, except the making of a mold and latex mask, I’ve already personally vetoed that one after spending an hour watching how-to videos on YouTube.  It’s not that I’m against it inherently, I just have a lack of workspace right now.


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