The Library

There’s just something about a library, am I right?  The quiet.  The books.  The smell of books.  Libraries are my jam.

The last time I took the kids to the library, I was shocked at the crowd of people present.  I guess Egon was wrong after all.

Am I the only person who finds Egon kind of dreamy?

Every summer, we look forward to summer reading.  I like an excuse to have “family reading time” every day, mostly because I’m usually working on a couple of different books, and, you know, it’s educational or something.


Every summer, we also look forward to Fan Con at the library.


We’ve gone the last three years.  Geek stuff AND food trucks?  The library knows the way to my heart.

Last year, my son won the Lego Speed Building Contest.

Sam Danger is a Lego-building machine

This year, they decided to break out their Invader Zim cosplays and enter the cosplay contest.  I somewhat incorrectly stated in my very first blog article that Jubilee’s first cosplay contest was at Salt Lake Gaming Con, she had technically been in a cosplay contest at the library a month before that with her siblings.  I didn’t really count it because, well, actually, I don’t know why, the competition was technically more challenging than at SLGC, especially for the kids.

Long story cut somewhat short, the kids won.  Penelope won 2nd place as Gir for her age group (6 and under), and Sam Danger and Jubilee shared 1st in theirs (7-10 year olds).

Guess who won a multipass to Salt Lake Comic Con?

My point is, libraries are awesome.  If you happen to be Utah, the Weber County Libraries are fun and great and the annual FanCon is always worth the cost of admission (especially since it’s free).

And while I’m on the subject of libraries, The City Library in downtown Salt Lake City is a great piece of architecture, I highly recommend the trip.


It was designed by the same architecture firm that designed the Vancouver Public Library and shares many of the same features, although, sadly, minus the Colosseum-esque facade…and the kid’s area is bangin’.  Wait, can I refer to a library as bangin’?  It’s my blog and I do what I want!  That library is bangin’.

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