The New Who

Guys.  You guys.  Y’all.  Whatever you want to call yourselves.  We finally have a woman Doctor!


I’m not going to go into the politics or drama about this situation…I just have a few short points I want to bring up about the whole thing and then we’ll get back to fluffy geekery as usual:

  1. I wish 9 or 10 had been a woman (or 2 or 6 for that matter), then it’d feel a little less inorganic.  They waited too dang long.
  2. I hope she doesn’t suck.  I’d say that if she were a man, too.  I’ve been bored with 11 and irritated by 12 for so long, I’d really like to enjoy a whole Doctor Who season again.
  3. They need to give her a young, unreasonably attractive male companion to pant over her like a lovesick puppy.  You know, just to make it fair.
  4. I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get Moss as a Doctor.  I know, I know, he’s not a woman…but he’s Moss.


Ah well, there’s always 14.


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