Shopping For Cosplay Stuff with 3 Kids

If you remember from last week, Jubilee and Penelope are going to be Mabel and Sable from Animal Crossing for Salt Lake Comic Con this September.  Well, we went shopping for supplies yesterday.  All I wanted was some gingham print cloth to make aprons, and some solid matching pants and shirts or a jumper or something for the base layer.

Let’s just say, brown is not a popular color right now.  Solid children’s clothing without logos, cartoons, or designs are not popular right now.  And gingham must not be a very popular print right now.

We spent all afternoon shopping, we went to three craft stores, four clothing stores, a thrift store, and a Target, and struck out.  We had tried Walmart the day before.  I ended up having to order stuff online, for more money than I intended on spending, sight unseen.  I hope it works out.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been shopping ALL AFTERNOON with three kids, but it was the worst.  There wasn’t like an incident or more of awfulness I can relate, just hours of gradually increasing whininess, which I didn’t even register until I was so immersed in it that I was all like…


After the kids went to bed I made a bourbon and ginger with a twist of lime.  Don’t judge me.  Children’s cosplay is hard, yo.


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