Invader Zim Cosplay For Kids

Last time, I told you all about my quick and easy cosplay that turned into an ordeal.  Today,  I’m going to tell you about the kids’ cosplay I was making AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Sam Danger and Penelope have been dressing up as Zim and Gir for a while now, at least the last couple of conventions.

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As you can probably tell, Penelope’s costume was mostly built out of a green hoodie, a lot of yarn, some various colors of felt, a black clothing sharpie, and a pig…oh, and squeaky shoes!

Sam Danger’s was built out of a couple of different t-shirts, felt, black clothing sharpie, modified Batman gloves, a wig, and face paint.  What you can’t see (and what I’m most proud of) is the Irken PAK on his back.


The silvery cloth and the pink ovals were easy, what was surprisingly hard was finding a lightweight, cheap, oval shaped thing to provide the framework.  After a lot of time on the internet and various craft stores trying to find something maybe styrofoam, I found a cheap, oddly shaped, thin plastic bowl at the dollar store.  Score!  It is attached with vecro straps sewn on the back of his costume and glued onto backside of the PAK.

When it came down to it, I was pretty much done with this cosplay, but Sam hated the wig, and it was a bit too hairy anyway.  So we ordered a temporary hair color styling gel.  He preferred that.

Now, all we had left was Jubilee’s Gaz.  Oddly, the hardest thing was the Game Slave 2 handheld game console.


This is what it looks like now, after 6 months of cosplay, abuse, and being dropped fairly frequently:


Yes, I painted an old, broken Nintendo DS; primed, painted, and poly-ed, actually.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of it when it was fresh.  Oh well.

I made a skull necklace for Jubilee, too, out of hardening clay.  After that, it was just layering the right color clothing and cutting/styling a wig.


The end result:

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I’m aware the kids look miserable.  They were in character.  Haha.  They actually had a great day.  And Penny made the Salt Lake Comic Con twitter page.  So…success!

Sam’s Zim cosplay is going to be used yet again for SLCC this fall.  He doesn’t want to do his hair and makeup, though, because “I don’t want to take a shower.”  We may be a little too lax with personal grooming this summer.  The long and the short of it is, I’m going to attempt to make an alien Zim mask.  Wish me luck.  I also need to make a Gir (since Penelope and Jubilee are doing Animal Crossing this time) and get Sam some new boots that fit now…stupid growth spurts.

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