DC Comics <3

I mentioned before, if I watch a comic-based tv show or movie, it’s probably Marvel, but if I’m reading comics, it’s probably DC.  With the possible exception of my husband, this is true for my entire family.  My kids especially love Batman.  I mean, they like him okay.  It’s not as if they just hang out dressed in Batman costumes or anything.  That’d be silly.

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It actually makes perfect sense, because, as you know:


Jubilee likes to play Injustice while singing Friends are Family from the Batman Lego Movie.  I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if she just has a well-developed sense of irony for an 8 year old.


Thanks to DC Superhero Girls, I actually think my daughters love DC more than my son.  Especially the “villains” which are decidedly less villainous in DC Superhero Girls.  Jubilee has to take a picture with every Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy she finds, at every convention she goes to.


She even dressed up as Poison Ivy once.  I can’t remember for sure, but this may be the first real cosplay we made, in that a majority of what she was wearing was altered in some way.  It was also the first time we had to visit a cosplay repair station in the middle of a convention, but definitely not the last.

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She also likes to play as Harley Quinn when she plays Injustice.  It’s probably not appropriate for an 8 year old.  But, it’s not like I can PG it up like Batman Love Letters.


Don’t judge, children play this game with me.

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