Invader Zim Cosplay

My son Sam Danger, who always goes to every convention as Invader Zim, needed a mask.

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He’s been going as “human disguise” Zim, but it is now time to go as alien Zim.


We figured a green mask, some red lenses, done!  So, we tried it.  The result was…terrifying.

I didn’t want to scrap the whole mask since we’d already purchased it, because I’m cheap.  I reached out to my crew on FB, and the consensus was that we needed something with a bit more structure.  Fortunately, the green mask was adult sized, so I had room underneath to mess around.

I built an unnecessarily complicated framework out of cardboard and duct tape.  I also some more dramatic “reflections” on the lenses and decreased the size of the mouth.


The end result is much better.  I still need to add antennae and make a more permanent mouth (this is just a drawing on paper taped on to see what it looked like), but I think this is going to work.

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