Mabel Able Cosplay Progress

After spending an afternoon or two on Sam Danger’s Invader Zim mask, I took and break and started on Mabel and Sable for Jubilee and Penelope, using an Amiibo as a model.


I started by doing the ears.  I got headbands, and drew the ear shape out on some poster board and hot glued them on and around the headbands.


Then I meticulously guesstimated the faux fur fabric and chopped it out.


More hot glue (and a few burned fingers later), I had some ears!  My Mother-in-law pointed out that I had a ton of faux fur leftover and suggested we scrap my plan to temporarily dye their hair and gel it into points in the back, and instead use the fur to make a headdress/wig/hat-thingy.  We spent probably 45 minutes just trying to figure out which direction the nap should go.  My MIL is pretty much a genius with fabric, and we finally agreed to duct tape two pieces going in opposite directions, so we’d get the fur going forward in the front but also going backwards in the back.

Duct Tape is good for everything.

Then we spent about 45 minutes figuring out where to cut out around the cheeks and hairline and whatnot.


We have a bit more work to do, obviously, we need to fasten it down under her chin so it’ll stay in place, and the headband with the ears is just sitting on top in this picture and I’m fairly certain it’ll work better if I cut a slit and pull them through, but for an afternoon’s worth of work, I’m really pleased.

Now to do the other one.  Ugh.

I also ordered some face paint for the cheeks, eyebrows, and nose.  This stuff is supposed to be good.  I’ll let you know when I get it what I think.

PS I’m still finding bits of blue fur around my house.  It looks like I sheared Cookie Monster on my dining room table.


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