Sable Able Cosplay Update

This is just a quick update to show you guys Penelope’s Sable Able Cosplay.

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Cute, huh?  She REALLY looks like an Ewok, but I guess once I add in the apron and freckles and everything, it won’t be quite so…Ewok-y.

Sable Able

The biggest problem is how much this kid moves.  It was hard to get an accurate measurement for where to cut.


I actually ended up cutting off too much, so I’m going to have to add some to the back so you don’t see the back of her head.


But, in better news, I finally found some fabric!  I ended up ordering some table runners I think will work.  At least, we’ll find out when they are delivered in the next few days.

In other geek news, while I was shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby, I stumbled across this:


It now hangs proudly in my bathroom.  Because sometimes I like to cross the line from tastefully geeky to tackily geeky.

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