Invader Zim Update

If you remember from my last Invader Zim update, Zim went from this to this:

I’ve been working on a more permanent mouth solution (this was just a piece of paper taped on to get an idea of what I wanted).  I needed something breathable, because Sam Danger isn’t a huge fan of the mask anyway and feels a bit weird in it, he wants to take it off as soon as it gets on…not ideal for an all-day cosplay.  When you have a kid with some sensory issues, you accommodate, so I decided to make a breathing hole.  As always, I started with a complicated plan.


Then I used my paper template and cut out a foam mouth, and glued it around the hole I made in the mask.


“How,” you may ask, “did you keep the mask from running or fraying?”  The answer, my friend, is super glue.  I still have it all over my fingers.

As you can see, I added an eye brow as well.  It’s not technically an eye brow per se, more a line to indicate eye movement, but it turns out drawing on a mask is hard.  It didn’t really end up the thin line I was envisioning, but that’s okay, it looks better than it did.


The mouth also worked out well, it actually even moves a bit when he opens and closes his mouth.

I made the antenna with wire, covered in electrical tape.  Again, super glue to shore up the edges of the cloth.

I didn’t really like the electrical tape, so I covered that in felt.


Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the felt, either, but unless I have a sudden flash of inspiration, energy, and time, I don’t think I’m going to worry about it.

And then there’s these:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I used electrical tape to turn his modified Batman gloves into 3-fingered Irken gloves.  They aren’t exactly seam-free, but I don’t mind, and he likes them.  In fact, he’s really pleased with his cosplay so far, and he’s much more comfortable in his mask now that I made the mouth hole, so it was totally worth it.


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