Animal Crossing Cosplay Aprons

Hey guys!  Aprons are done!  Aren’t you impressed?  You should be.  If you remember, I had a heck of a time trying to find fabric; large print pink gingham and green gingham, like so:

After much wailing, gnashing of teeth, shopping online, and getting my steps in at various fabric stores, my rockstar MIL found a couple of affordable table runners online.  I hadn’t considered that, because I thought they wouldn’t be wide enough, but she said she thought they’d be fine for little girls, and, of course, she was right.

I’m not really much of a seamstress, so I used this stuff, I just cut my fabric, folded it over with the “bonding web” in between the fold, and ironed it.  It didn’t leave a bunch of lumps like the fabric glue I usually use, so that’s awesome!


The table runners are sort of sturdy (but still fabric) polyester, so the edges don’t really fray, that helps a lot.


From what I can tell from pictures and our Amiibo figure of Mabel, the aprons aren’t tied in back, it’s just a solid band.  So instead of using a white ribbon for the waist and neck as I originally intended, I decided to use wide elastic.  I ironed that on with the “bonding web” as well, but since it’s going to be pulled on a lot, I needed to sew a bit to keep everything together.  My first stitch was not great:


I spent a bit of time googling, it turns out I was using a hem stitch…it’s all I could remember from my days being homeschooled as a kid.  So I switched over to a running stitch, and went along the existing stitch along the edge.  It worked way better.


I’m not ready for a professional gig or anything, but, hey, it’s sturdy and it could be way worse.

The final product turned out great (IMHO).   The girls seem pretty happy with them, too.

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