Cosplay Contest – A Comedy of Errors

Jubilee really wanted to enter the Cosplay Contest this year with Penny in their Mabel and Sable costumes.  There was no youth category and I knew the competition would be pretty fierce, but I told her I’d sign her up for the online submission portion, but not to be surprised if that’s as far as she made it.

About 5 days before comic con, while I was still in Kansas City, I got an email saying she passed the online portion and was eligible for the in-person and stage contest.

That sort of changed my plans for comic con.  I assumed (correctly) that most of our Saturday would be spent doing contest stuff, beginning at 11:30am, when the cosplay groups were supposed to line up.  We were there by 11:30, but we were already towards the back of the line, behind a family of very creepy Krampuses (Krampus’?  Krampi?).  Either way, we let a nice group of Jedi Knights go in front of us to put some distance between us and this Krampus kid who was determined to freak Penny out.

Penny’s does not trust the Krampus

And we waited.  And waited.  After about two hours, it was our turn, and we got some photos, and went in for the in-person judging.  Basically, I just talked to them about my process and what I did.

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By that time, Catherine Tate’s panel was starting, and I REALLY wanted to go, but I had some bored, cranky, hungry kids on my hands, so we went to get pizza instead.  On the way back, Cam and Sam Danger wanted to change out of their cosplays for the rest of the con, so we went back to our car which was parked under City Creek Center, a fancy outdoor mall near the convention center.

The reason it’s called City Creek Center is because there is a small creek running through the mall, with small bridges and fish.  So, of course, what happens when you have a small child and a body of water?

Child -> Body of Water.

I ran into a store and grabbed a cheap outfit and dry socks for Penny.  We took her wet costume and draped it over the stroller.  Penny was not happy.


Jubilee was devastated because she thought she’d miss the stage portion of the event, but we had two hours, and I was reasonably sure I could get the outfit dry by then.

First stop, Cosplay First Aid Station.  They didn’t have a hair dryer, like I was hoping, but they did have a towel, so they wrapped up Penny’s pants and shirt and smushed them until they went from sopping to a bit damp.  Then I worked on the shoes.


The kids played in Kidcon and by the time we needed to line up at 6:15, the costume was dry.

Except the apron, which we left almost a mile away in the car in the parking garage.

Cam and Sam Danger ran to the car while we found our places.  Penny’s costume was dry, but I couldn’t finishing putting on her wig/hat until we had the apron on.  And Penny was pretty wiped out by this point.


With less than 10 minutes to spare, Cam ran up with the apron.  He, and Sam Danger, and the apron were all wet because it was raining.  Oh well.

It was go time.  The contest was starting and the girls got their second wind.

Backstage at the Cosplay Contest

I gotta say, for all that work and whatnot, the cosplay contest was amazing.  The girls had a great time.


You can click HERE for a video of their stage performance.

Of course, they didn’t win anything, but that didn’t matter.  We had a great time, and they are all set and ready to do it again next year.

And now I know to bring a much larger cosplay emergency kit, when cosplaying with toddlers.

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