Falling for Autumn (Get it? It’s a pun!)

I haven’t been blogging much, I but I have an excuse: it’s October!  I know it’s a huge cliche, but I freakin’ love October.

There are Octobers, and then there are Northern Utah Octobers.  The colors here are magical, the chill in the air is a harbinger of the holidays, and the mountains glow orange capped with a dusting of snow.

And then there is the coffee.  I may love my fandoms, but if you want to know how I geek out the most…it’s coffee.  Coffee is always delicious, always magical, but for a few short months a year, it turns into something else entirely.  That first cup of coffee on a chilly morning is the best feeling in the entire world.  You don’t need anything fancy, just a decent cup of coffee and maybe a splash of cream in a cool mug.  Okay, okay, I’m not gonna lie, I ship coffee and cream.


We went on a hike this weekend, to see the fall colors and get exercise and spend time together as a family and so on and so forth.  We went to Ogden Waterfall Canyon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aside from the incessant whining, it was a great hike, until Penelope fell down.


The next day we carved pumpkins.  We are pumpkin-carving rock stars!


I’m not super into Halloween (I hate being scared), but I do love Autumn, costumes, candy, and all the flavors of fall.

Except Pumpkin Spice.  Pumpkin Spice is gross.  Pumpkin Spice can suck it.

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