New Workspace

The more complicated our cosplays become, the more space we seem to need.  Storage space, work space, etc.  Two weeks before every con, my kitchen island is overtaken by props, paint, and pieces of clothing.  We needed a different solution.


We had two choices: move to new place with a dedicated workspace, or carve out a dedicated workspace in our current place.  We don’t want to move, so we chose the latter.

We have a large entry way in our basement apartment, almost a room in and of itself, filled with shoes, coats, and awkward Lego storage.  We moved some stuff around, enough to fit our old beat-up kitchen table, bookshelf, and small dresser.


Now I have workspace and storage space.  I have a drawer for tools:


A drawer for painting stuff:


My favorite is the shelf space, though.


It was nice going through everything and discovering how many different types of glue I already own.  I think I should be good for a while.  Maybe.

But while I have you here, how ’bout a sneak peak of my “chainmail?”


It looks super awesome painted!  I know I have a few boo-boos but they’ll be hidden by the armor, so I’m not worried about them.

One more thing: Why am I so amazing?

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