Finally…an update!

If you’ve been following along, I am in the middle of making knitted “chainmail” hauberk for my daughter Jubilee for her Eowyn cosplay.  It’s taken a while, but I finally have enough to share.


All the seams are placed so that they’ll be covered by the “leather” armor my husband and I are in the process of making.  We still need sleeves as well (ugh, more knitting).  But here is the process:

I knitted the pieces and just used a whip stitch to connect them:


Then I turned it inside out and dabbed silver paint on the hauberk:

Paint/no paint:


It’s a little rough, but for my very first knitting project, I think it’s turning out really well.  Jubilee likes it, too, but I’m a worried that it will no longer fit her by the time we get to our next convention.


Oh well, that’s why I had another kid.  I mean, that’s not the primary reason, but it’ll do.  Speaking of our younger daughter, she wants to be a Porg for the next comic con.  I’ve been trying to talk her into this:


She says no.


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