The First Bracer

I’m going to chalk it up to my inexperience, but it seems to me that no part of cosplay goes the way I think it’s going to, or the way it seems to for the cosplayers on YouTube.

I’ve been brainstorming how to do the leather armor for Jubilee’s Eowyn Cosplay, and researching a lot online and watching a lot of videos on making faux leather armor.


I decided to start with one of the two bracers first, rather than starting on the main body armor.  That way I’d waste less material experimenting. My husband and I’s first plan was to use floor mats to make the body armor, but we quickly realized that would be too thick for a 9 year old (dang, yet again, her size makes cosplay more difficult).  So, then we decided to use leather-y looking fabric over craft foam method.

I made a rough sketch of what it would have to look like wrapped around Jubilee’s arm:

And then cut out foam, and layered it in the pattern I wanted.


Online, I saw where one cosplayer covered the foam in modpodge and then pressed the fabric into the grooves.  So, I tried that.  It didn’t work.


This was AFTER the glue was dry.  It looked terrible.  We still need to figure out our glue, but that’s a problem for a different day.  My mother-in-law/partner-in-cosplay suggested since the bracer would need to be stitched along the edges anyway to cut out the middle man (glue) and just stitch all the pieces together instead.  So, we did.

It took us a chunk of Sunday afternoon to put together one bracer.  I cut out the pieces of foam and fabric and trimmed off edges and told my MIL where to sew, and she ran all the edges through her machine while she held them in place.  And it looks freaking awesome!


Afterwards, I bored some holes and threaded yard through.  Eventually, I’ll have to get some leather/leather-looking straps, but for now, it works to see what it will look like all together.  I’m going to distress the bracer with some paint and such later to make it look more aged and battle-worn, and paint the underside so you won’t see the yellow foam, but for my very first piece of armor, I’m really happy!  So is my little cosplayer:


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