Leather-ish Cosplay Armor

If you remember a few months ago, I had experimented with a few different types of glue to find out which worked best with my foam and fabric to make leather-looking armor for Jubilee’s Eowyn cosplay.  The best glue for the job ended up being super toxic, so I’ve been waiting the last few months for it to be warm and sunny enough to use it outside, for ventilation and not getting sick purposes.  I’m using 3M 78 Polystyrene Foam Spray Adhesive, it works great because it doesn’t dissolve the foam I’m using, and it’s not so wet that it soaks through and darkens the fabric (which is the problem with most of the glues I tried), as long as I don’t put it directly on the fabric (a mistake I did, in fact, make).

Okay, so first I made a paper pattern for the armor.


Then I cut it out in foam.


Then I covered the foam in fabric!  I’m gonna act like it was super easy and I didn’t screw it up once or twice.  Ehem.


Not gonna lie, this I’m super duper excited about this.


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