Armor pre-paint

Thanks to my personal seamstress, my mother-in-law Debbie, the majority of the “leather” armor is assembled.  There’s not a lot of pictures of the process, it was pretty much just a lot of measuring and sewing and such, but it took the both of us a few hours today and a few yesterday to finish.


We probably would’ve finished it yesterday, except Sam got into a bike accident on his way home from school, and I had to stop to take him to the emergency room to set and wrap his broken and displaced wrist.

Yes.  Yes, I did.

Anyway, so we picked it back up this morning.  The finished product:



Before I get to paint it, I need to add straps on the sides to hold it together (instead of the clothespins I’m using here), holes and leather laces in the front, and the two pieces that hang from the waist, I guess they are cuisses, but they seem to be a bit too high.  Um…ovary protection?


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