Wasatch Comic Con 2018

In my never ending search for all things local and geeky, I found out about Wasatch Comic Con being held at Valley Fair Mall last weekend.  The girls are always up for an excuse to cosplay, so we went.  I was going to take Sam Danger and the hubs, too, but hubs got sick and Sam wanted to stay at home and play Halo, the slackers.

We decided to go with very little notice (definitely not enough to finish Jubilee’s Eowyn cosplay), so they had to choose something that still fit.  Jubilee wanted to wear Sam’s old Invader Zim cosplay from last year, and Penelope wanted to wear her Cinderella dress.


Yes, she did get a Cinderella print from Adrian Ropp.  There were quite a few artists there, including Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame, and I love looking at art and chatting with artists, and there was plenty of space and opportunity to do so.  Unfortunately, since I brought the girls I didn’t have a chance to browse as much as I would’ve liked.  Sad.

It was a small con but those are my favorite…it’s nice having a comic con with an emphasis on comics and comic creators instead of celebrities.

3/4ths of Geek Parenting Podcast was doing a panel I didn’t get a chance to hear more than a few minutes of before the kids dragged me away.  If you listen to Episode 88, about the 38:30 mark, they start talking about Invader Zim and a cosplayer with “Zim swagger.”  That’s Jubilee, who they noticed as I walked by.  She’s a rockstar.  Then they apologized to me for getting her started singing the Doom Song.  Yes, the kids sang it for hours afterwards.  Yay.

She insisted on doing the cosplay contest “for practice.”  Whatever that means.


Before going on, she asked how much time she’d have on stage.  90 seconds max, they told her.  She asked me to give her a signal when she needed to wrap up, and then went on stage and ranted “I am ZIM!” and “Gir, why is there BACON IN THE SOAP?!” and called the judges pitiful humans for about 30 seconds before I waved her off.  That was about 25 seconds longer than most kids took up there.  One of the judges referred to her as “the future of cosplay” so I wasn’t all that surprised when she took home first place for the kids, although she was.  That’s probably the thing I like most about her cosplaying, she genuinely admires other cosplayers, to the point that she is surprised when she wins something.


It’s a bit awkward having a con in the middle of a busy mall.  I saw at least one adult cosplayer get a disgusted look from a passerby…if he hadn’t been quite so large and confident-looking, I probably would’ve stepped in to say something.  Sometimes people can be jerks.

So, anyway, we had a great time and we’ll definitely be going again next year, but maybe I’ll find a babysitter so I can actually talk to people and look through the great selection, at least for part of the time.  Jubilee won’t miss a chance to cosplay if she can help it…if she had the bug before, the infection is septic now.

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