Eowyn Cosplay debut at Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018


This won’t be a long update.  Just a quick note to say that Jubilee won first place in the Youth Category at Salt Lake Gaming Con.  I’ve gone over our scores and comments from the judges, and Jubilee’s stage performance got very high scores (easy when you’re 9 years old, haha).  Actually, we did pretty well overall, I think I need to bring in some photos and learn to explain my process better during prejudging.  I got a lot of feedback, both from the judges and other cosplayers, that the knitted chainmail in particular was pretty dang impressive…which I already knew, haha!


I noticed that Jubilee’s sword was sticking quite a bit in the scabbard, so I’m in the process of sanding it down and repainting the blade with a thinner coat.  Otherwise, I think we’re in good shape for FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention in September!

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