Spaceman Spiff Cosplay

About a week before Salt Lake Gaming Con, Sam Danger decided he wanted to cosplay after all, as Spaceman Spiff.  Never one to say no to cosplay even with very little time, I threw one together quick and easy using mostly bought articles.

Blue base layer, yellow belt and gloves and boots, and I used yellow foam to create the shoulder and lighting details, as well as the circle on the belt.  An old pair of mirrored sunglasses with foam made the mask, and I took a plastic toy ray gun, added mostly foam details to finish it, primed and painted it.


Yellow temporary hair dye and hairspray finished it off.  Not necessarily as yellow as I want it, it worked for now, but I may try and figure out something else before Salt Lake Comic Con in September.


I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt to wear to conventions that simply says, “I’m just here for the cosplay,” “cosplay all day,” or maybe just “cosplay mom.”


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