I am the Mother of Danger.  Sam Danger.  Danger is his middle name.

I am also the Mother of Jubilee and Penelope.

I am also the wife of Cam.

We are geeks, becoming increasingly immersed in the world of cosplay as the years pass, thanks to a history of geekiness on my and my husband’s part, a love of costume and characters on my children’s part, and a very geeky subculture in Utah, where we currently reside.

I love sci-fi shows and fantasy novels, occasionally the other way around.  I love comic books and the movies based on them.  I’m too cool for school, but you wouldn’t know it based on my student loan debt.  I have a very useful degree in Art History, and an honorary degree in sarcasm from the school of life.

I started this blog as a record of our progress in cosplaying and other geeky venures.  We’ll see how it goes.