Armor pre-paint

Thanks to my personal seamstress, my mother-in-law Debbie, the majority of the "leather" armor is assembled.  There's not a lot of pictures of the process, it was pretty much just a lot of measuring and sewing and such, but it took the both of us a few hours today and a few yesterday to finish. … Continue reading Armor pre-paint


Glue for cosplay is a pain in the butt.  Especially when you're gluing foam, which is porous, to fabric, which leaks through and changes the color in weird ways.  I cut out foam in a little pattern and used different types of glue to try and attach a swatch of fabric. These are the four … Continue reading Glue

A Shoe Update

So, I know I haven't been writing much.  I've been doing too much to write about it.  Haha.  I'm still knitting Jubilee's "chainmail" hauberk, I'm down to the sleeves.  But I promised an update on how the painted shoes held up, so here it is. It's pretty good for a month's worth of daily wear … Continue reading A Shoe Update