Geek Tattoo

You know you're a geek if you get something geeky tattooed on your body during a pop culture convention. You know you're a dork if your body rejects part of the ink. This spring, at FanX, Geeksterink was doing tattoos, so I decided to get my first one.  My sisters both have cute little hip … Continue reading Geek Tattoo

Invader Zim Cosplay For Kids

Last time, I told you all about my quick and easy cosplay that turned into an ordeal.  Today,  I'm going to tell you about the kids' cosplay I was making AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Sam Danger and Penelope have been dressing up as Zim and Gir for a while now, at least the last … Continue reading Invader Zim Cosplay For Kids

Manly Kaylee and Lady Jayne (with Vera) Cosplay

Sometimes, you have a convention coming up, and you decide a month or two beforehand that you're going to "whip up" a quick and easy cosplay to wear, just for fun.  Unfortunately, "cosplay" and "quick and easy" doesn't usually go together, it almost always takes more time, energy, and money than you intend (unless you … Continue reading Manly Kaylee and Lady Jayne (with Vera) Cosplay