Spaceman Spiff Cosplay

About a week before Salt Lake Gaming Con, Sam Danger decided he wanted to cosplay after all, as Spaceman Spiff.  Never one to say no to cosplay even with very little time, I threw one together quick and easy using mostly bought articles. Blue base layer, yellow belt and gloves and boots, and I used … Continue reading Spaceman Spiff Cosplay

Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

You know what they say about best laid plans and all that, right?  Well, I had a plan for this SLCC, I had each day planned, and I was going to do EVERYTHING. And then a week before SLCC17, my brother-in-law had a spontaneous lung collapse.  I flew out Saturday to KC to help my … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

Sable and Mabel Able – Finished Cosplay

Here are Jubilee and Penelope's finished Animal Crossing cosplays for Salt Lake Comic Con, this September 21-23.  I know, I know, it's a bit early, but I wanted to get them finished before we leave town to go to my Mom's wedding last weekend, and give it a bit of time to tweak if I … Continue reading Sable and Mabel Able – Finished Cosplay

Manly Kaylee and Lady Jayne (with Vera) Cosplay

Sometimes, you have a convention coming up, and you decide a month or two beforehand that you're going to "whip up" a quick and easy cosplay to wear, just for fun.  Unfortunately, "cosplay" and "quick and easy" doesn't usually go together, it almost always takes more time, energy, and money than you intend (unless you … Continue reading Manly Kaylee and Lady Jayne (with Vera) Cosplay

Shopping For Cosplay Stuff with 3 Kids

If you remember from last week, Jubilee and Penelope are going to be Mabel and Sable from Animal Crossing for Salt Lake Comic Con this September.  Well, we went shopping for supplies yesterday.  All I wanted was some gingham print cloth to make aprons, and some solid matching pants and shirts or a jumper or … Continue reading Shopping For Cosplay Stuff with 3 Kids

The Library

There's just something about a library, am I right?  The quiet.  The books.  The smell of books.  Libraries are my jam. The last time I took the kids to the library, I was shocked at the crowd of people present.  I guess Egon was wrong after all. Every summer, we look forward to summer reading. … Continue reading The Library