Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

You know what they say about best laid plans and all that, right?  Well, I had a plan for this SLCC, I had each day planned, and I was going to do EVERYTHING. And then a week before SLCC17, my brother-in-law had a spontaneous lung collapse.  I flew out Saturday to KC to help my … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

Sable Able Cosplay Update

This is just a quick update to show you guys Penelope's Sable Able Cosplay. Cute, huh?  She REALLY looks like an Ewok, but I guess once I add in the apron and freckles and everything, it won't be quite so...Ewok-y. The biggest problem is how much this kid moves.  It was hard to get an … Continue reading Sable Able Cosplay Update

SDCC Recap

To call this a recap is actually a bit dishonest, I'm only going to talk about the stuff I care about.  If you want the short version, here it is: there are a lot of movies and tv shows coming out that could be great, but might also suck.  If you want the longer version, … Continue reading SDCC Recap